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  Caucasus X-Trek Discover Pankisi is the first and only polish-kist Mountain and Tourist Agency in Pankisi valley, Georgia. 


  The history of our company begun a few years ago when Barbara arrived to Georgia and exactly in Pankisi valley met Abu Bakr. Staying at his family home and their trekking in the mountains was remarkable, as the idea of creating from it an unique experience in Pankisi was born.


  Barbara is the first women from Europe to start the business with Kist, the man of the valley, in the history of Pankisi and Georgia. Barbara - Christian and Abo - Muslim, is also an extraordinary mix of characters, ideas and believes and this is what makes their cooperation so unique. Tolerance and patience is what leads through their daily business together. In the context of the mountains they are discovering both very diverse form each other words. They share it with the travellers who are joining their journeys. In the mountains every person is overcoming their weaknesses and prejudices. Trekking is often very demanding and therefore also triggers to observe our world, surrounding people and even ourselves more closely, in new shades.



  Abu Bakr - as highland Kist he is irreplaceable, he knows Caucasus as his own pocket, he is tolerant and open minded person but at the same time strong believer and protector of the tradition and rules of his community. He was born in Jokolo as an member of proud and righteous Chechen rhodium Majsto. His ancestors settled in this region about 300 years ago. He is our guide and with him we can discover the history and beauty of surrounding mountains.


  Barbara - Polish native-born highlander from Zakopane, Tatry mountains. From 1989 she lives in Warsaw with her family. The mountains and local highlander traditions are having special place in her heart. She ended up in Georgia by chance, she was supposed to travel around Iceland...totally different words. However, thanks to this coincidence she discovered hidden beauty of people and nature in Pankisi, not well known to most of the tourist. As per her love to mountains and tradition and her experiences in being a businesswoman, she connected both words resulting in an amazing trekking company, where not only nature is to be shown but the beauty of local culture and people to be discovered.


  Barbara and Abu Bakr are both highlanders with same values and music in their souls. During their trekking trips they bring their words together and share it with surrounding people with happiness.  Media in Japan, Georgia or Poland interested in their story captured it in articles or documentaries, for instance one directed by Marcin Mamon, famous Polish reporter, documentary “Love in Udabno. Awe in Pankisi”. More in media about us in the link. The founders of Caucasus X-Trek Pankisi are bringing to people both the European and the Kist worlds, they brake the stereotypes and prove the impossible does not exist. 


  Caucasus X-Trek Pankisi company is based in Jokolo, Pankisi valley. The company organises trekking in the Caucasus mountains chain, from Jokolo to Tusheti and Khevsureti. This enjoyable journey takes place under an eye of local guides, including Barbara and Abu Bakr, who are showing the beauty of the region, not spoiled by mass tourism. They traverse through endless green valles and climb high mountain tops, they sleep under magical night sky or local chummy highlanders shelters and enjoy organic foods straight from local people’s gardens or markets. And if their visitors love horse ridding, they can organise unforgettable scenic rides too. They will share local legends, lifestyle, traditional music and believes of Abu’s friends and family members, who will be glad to invite to their houses. By organising those experiences, Caucasus X-Trek Pankisi can guarantee satisfaction during those unique trips. 


  Since 2018, there has been an office-base where they create the first professional mounain and tourist agency and tourist and trekking equipment rental in Pankisi.


  Caucasus X-Trek Pankisi is an organiser of the individual, group or business team building trips, which are planned as per clients wish. Caucasus X-Trek Pankisi organises not only mountain trekking but also sightseeing trips all around Georgia thanks to their good network of connections and private transportation. They can guide through colourful streets of Tblisi, guest in the deserts of Udabno or even organise cross border trips to Azerbaijan or Armenia.

Founders and Owners Caucasus X-Trek, Bas
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